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Buying Service

buying service

We have started to provide sourcing service since 2012 because lots of our customers are in infrastructure, civil engineer, design consultancy and construction business, so they need a local hand to make sure that all the production is strictly controlled and documented. Our sourcing service mainly covers buying, inspection, factory audit and logistics.

Our purchasers have over 10-year experience in mechanical industry, and they are very good at cost analysis, and all the quotation is fully analyzed in terms of cost structure and production process before the quotation is sent to the clients. Our sourcing team consists of 8 very experienced production engineers who have been working in production engineering field for over 12 years.

Some of our clients have already started to source from China, but they don't have any local support, and the shipment quality is not consistent which has made lots of trouble for them. With our hands-on control, our clients can stay focus on marketing and sales rather than struggling with quality issues.


We can assist you in buying and price negotiation with the suppliers if

Your Chinese suppliers have difficulty to communicate in English

You need us to set up a reliable benchmark for your current buying price

Your order volume is bit small while your product range is bit wide. 

You have never directly dealt with any Chinese suppliers.

You are having a quality issues, and claim is involved, but the supplier is refusing to take any responsibility.

You are going to switch to a new supplier in China, but you’ve never tried this supplier before.

You have been buying from this supplier, but you find it very difficult to negotiate price with them.

You are stuck with this current supplier due to certain reasons, and you need a local hand to get you

out of the awkward situation without putting your current business in danger.

buying service

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