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How does Fabmann control production process?

Fabmann has strict production control process, no mass production will be allowed without first article inspection (FAI) approved by our product engineer. Mass production is also monitored by independent quality department.

How does Fabmann communicate with your customer regarding order progress?

Fabmann has advanced ERP system to monitor each order, and our sales team will update the customer regarding the order progress from production date to delivery.


What if pilot run production does not meet customer specification?

Our customer can cancel the order if the pilot run production does not meet the technical requirements.


What if the delivery does not meet customer requirement?

Fabmann is responsible for all deliveries, and we will refund or compensate by new deliveries if our quality is not up to requirement.


How can Fabmann provide quick delivery service?

Fabmann can provide fixed price solution and stock in raw material, semi goods or finished goods for quick delivery.


What kind of delivery terms can Fabmann offer?

Fabmann can offer FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP terms.


How is Fabmann pricing strategy?

Fabmann is very professional, and always intend to offer competitive price for long term business relationship.


How does Fabmann control and verify raw material?

Fabmann verifies raw material either by third party test lab or test the raw material by our lab.  


How does Fabmann guaranty quick delivery?

Fabmann stocks a very wide range of regular materials, and this will shorten leadtime by 10-15days.


What kind of measures does Fabmann take to secure mass production quality for volume order?

Fabmann production team takes first responsibility to check online production quality on hourly basis, and our independent quality engineer check mass production every half day.


How does Fabmann secure welding quality?

Fabmann is not only focused on welding penetration but also the outlook of the welding, and this is to make sure that our products can stand all the required load or pressure.


How does Fabmann verify welding quality?

If non-destructive test is required for welding fabrication, we will use either 3rd party or we use in-house facility to cross check our welding work.


How can Fabmann provide reliable test report?

Fabmann works with international test labs to verify mass production quality, and can provide independent test reports if customer demands it.


How can Fabmann secure surface treatment quality?

Fabmann has strict process control, and also perform relevant test like cross hatch before shipment . Plus, Fabmann can also submit salt spray third-party test report if required.


What kind of quality documents will Fabmann provide to the customer?

Fabmann provides full quality control documentation and loading inspection reports to customers.


Besides manufacturing service, what else does Fabmann offer?

Fabmann provides assembly service and warehousing service if needed.


How can Fabmann trace back material and production issue if any quality issue occurs?

Fabmann has very strict manufacturing process in place, and each material and production shift is documented. Thus, Fabmann does have very good traceability for each delivery.


Can Fabmann secure price for certain period of time?

Yes, Fabmann can provide fixed price solution based upon contract and delivery term.


Does Fabmann accept flexible deposit payment term?

Yes, Fabmann accepts running deposit to avoid unnecessary admin work at customer end.


What kind of payment terms does Fabmann offer?

Fabmann offer different payment terms depends upon conditions, and T/T with 30% deposit is commonly used.


How does Fabmann manage tooling cost?

If customer order volume is big, Fabmann will provide free tooling to make our customer more competitive in their market place. Or, Fabmann can refund the tooling cost if the accumulated volume reaches certain level.


Does Fabmann offer special discount?

Yes, Fabmann does offer special discount if accumulated volume reaches certain level.


Does Fabmann require big quantity for export business?

No, Fabmann is flexible with order volume, and accepts small order.


What is Fabmann average production leadtime?

Fabmann average leadtime is around 30-45days.

What is Fabman average tooling leadtime?

Fabmann average tooling leadtime is 10-15 days.


Does Fabman provide free samples?

Yes, Fabmann provides free samples, but customer needs to bear courier cost.


How can customer be sure that the shipments are upto the acceptable quality?

Fabmann takes quality control based upon customer specification, plust, we provide pilot run and mass production inspection report for customer to approve before delivery.


How does Fabmann manage customer info and product info.?

Fabmann normally signs NDA with customers, and we do not disclose customer property to any third party.


What transportation solutions does Fabmann offer?

Fabmann normally uses seafreight, sometimes also use train transportation to Europe if time is really tight. For all small product development, Fabmann uses courier.


How does Fabmann control the unqualified production?

Fabmann keep the unqualified production at a separate area with clear marking, and they will be either scrapped if it’s impossible to modify. All unqualified production will NOT be passed down to next production process.


How does Fabmann manage customers’ toolings?

Fabmann has advanced ERP system to track each tooling, and each tooling is kept at tooling room. Fabmann can return the tooling to the customer if he decides to move production to elsewhere.


Does Fabmann offer warehousing service?

Yes, Fabmann can offer free warehousing service if customer has stable volume.