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A Brief Analysis Of The Advantages Of The Construction Of Comprehensive Urban Corridors
Apr 28, 2018

Pipe rack pipe support to support urban underground for concentrated laying electric power, telecommunications, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heating, gas and other municipal pipeline, is an important part of urban infrastructure. Today, I will give you a brief analysis of the advantages of the construction of the urban comprehensive corridor.

Advantages 1. Ensure the full play of road function.

The construction of the integrated pipe corridor can avoid the impact and disturbance caused by the frequent mining of underground pipelines and the traffic and residents' travel, and ensure the smooth traffic flow.

Advantages 2. Effective use of urban underground space.

All kinds of municipal pipelines and intensive layout within the composite pipe rack, implements the line of "vertical", instead of the traditional "flat wrong open type is decorated", pipeline layout reasonable, compact on either side of the underground pipeline for road following was decreased, and the occupied area, urban land has been saved.

Third, ensure the stable security of the city "lifeline" and reduce the maintenance cost in the later period.

The role of the comprehensive tube corridor to the city is like the function of the "artery" to the human body, which is the "lifeline" of the city. "Lifeline" by comprehensive utility tunnel protection, do not contact with the soil and groundwater, avoids the pipeline corrosion of soil and groundwater, strengthened its durability, comprehensive utility tunnel with patrol, maintenance space at the same time, maintenance and management personnel may regularly into the comprehensive utility tunnel patrol, inspection, maintenance management, to ensure the safety of all kinds of pipeline.

All kinds of pipeline laying, addition, reduction and maintenance can be carried out directly in the comprehensive pipe corridor, which greatly reduces the cost of multiple renovations and maintenance costs of the pipeline.

The pipeline bracket has advantages of high strength, insulation, non-permeability, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and simple installation.