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Determination Of Machining Parameters Of Bending Parts Of Sheet Metal Box
May 07, 2018

In the electronic equipment in the process of sheet metal chassis processing bending refers to the process of the blank in my homework on a form to complete a certain shape or Angle processing, the processing mode in the electronic equipment is often used when sheet metal chassis processing work, it is important to note that in the sheet metal chassis, when bending, had better not use a high performance elastic material, as far as possible choose to use a higher modulus of elasticity, plasticity strong and low yield point of material. At the same time, the bending radius and bending size should be correctly determined in the process of sheet metal case processing.

Select the minimum bending radius, in the process of bending, bending radius is one of very important processing parameters, if the bending radius is too large is easily affected by the springback, not easy to ensure bending radius; If you want to cross the hour, it will make the sheet metal case crack. The bending of a bending machine is usually a gap bending, while the radius of the bending is determined mainly by the width of the lower die. If the opening width of the die is changed, the radius of the inner bending Angle will also change.

Bend radius in the same mould opening torque formula is as follows: R = 0.516 M, in the formula of R represents the lower die when opening width can be finalized within the actual bending radius, and M is refers to the lower die body V groove opening width. It is important to note that during the clearance bending operation, the width of the die opening is about 7 times the thickness of the plate when the plate is more than 12.7mm thick.

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