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How To Guarantee The Minimum Loss During Machining Of Sheet Metal Case?
May 04, 2018

Sheet metal processing production in different types of metal materials processing, sheet metal processing, metal materials also have certain requirements, of course, it's not just need the metal integrity and metal appearance also need to have a certain requirements, such as metal oxide is also the process of sheet metal processing need to be oxidized metal, causing damage. Especially in the process of sheet metal chassis processing, the thickness of the thickness of sheet metal processing, metal sheet metal production can cause loss or even below on how to guarantee the minimum loss in the process of processing were discussed.

In simple terms, the problem of sheet metal loss can be preliminarily solved through the following seven aspects.

1. Sheet metal processing and production selection hardware model, specification, function must conform to the national standards and regulations, and match with the selection of PVC doors and Windows.

2. Install the fastening screws, which must be set in the metal lining, and the lining thickness is more than the hardware of the two fasteners.

3. Metal stamping parts shall be installed to prevent rust and corrosion.

4. Sheet metal processing production is assembled by the door lock hand of the window. Make sure the switch is in a flexible position.

5. Sliding window is a double pulley with wider or double glazing Windows than one meter.

6. Sliding hinge is made of stainless steel.

7. The warning light is switched off during use.