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Sheet Metal Processing When There Are A Lot Of Production Techniques
May 03, 2018

The making craft of sheet metal processing when are many, is one of the bending process, and in which occupies the most important technology and craft, sheet metal processing in the bending process also exists among all sorts of problems, sheet metal processing factory in the midst of years of experience in sheet metal processing technology, find out a best solution. In order to achieve fast and efficient production.

First, a. Problem point: the workpiece deforms at the bending position after bending.

B. Causes: the deformation occurs mainly due to the fast bending speed and the failure of the hand to keep up with the bending speed of the workpiece.

C. Solution: reduce the bending speed, and hand the workpiece with the workpiece at the same time.

Second, a. Problem point: bending the long piece of work, the Angle will be large and small.

B. In this case, there are generally following situations:

(1) the thickness of the material is not consistent, and the thickness of one end is thin.

(2). The mold wear is uneven and the two ends are highly different.

(3). The middle block is unbalanced, not at the same level.

C. solutions:

(1). Feedback to the laser or NCT to pay attention to the selection.


(3) adjust the middle block.

Third, a. Problem point: some of the workpieces will deform when bending Z.

B. causes: has this kind of situation is mainly due to the location is determined after C, bending b, flex upward movement of workpiece, hit in the determined, were determined after choke. After bending forming, D place was crowded out of shape.

C. Solution: after adopting the post-determinate pull function.

Fourth, a. Problem point: the bending size is small, it is not easy to locate, and the upper mold can be easily pressed to the back gauge.

B. causes: because t = 0.8, press the mode selection principle, v = 5 x0. 8 = 4 mm. 4 v center to the edge of the distance of 3.5 mm and 2.9 mm in size 2.9-0.8 = 0.8 mm, bending size, within the dimension from the centerline of the v to the edge of the dress can't locate. The lower die inverse, will be determined after the pressure of upper die, old outfit doesn't work, if you want to other methods.

C. the solution: 1 can lower die an outfit. Last determined first add a gasket shall not exceed 3 (t), which determined after the retreat, to avoid the upper die ≧ 3 2 if the other end of the size, can also be used on other end. Die under loading.