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Stamping And Welding Of Sheet Metal Parts
May 02, 2018

Make sheet metal parts is the first step, through any internal holes, the shapes and extrusion, and cut off from the plate, flat part accuracy is particularly important at this stage, because it ensures that the quality of the finished product. The core of the press /CNC is the four most advanced machines and the 4000 watt CO2 laser, EM2510 can punch out shapes and create special shapes on 1/8 thick steel plates. In addition, you can use 1500 w laser or with up to 4000 watts of laser laser cutting 1/4 1 thick steel thick steel, almost all of the nc equipment can automatically load and unload their own material, so as to realize efficient, free operation, lights out.

If the sheet metal parts need to be soldered, PMF can not only meet the requirements, but also need to be equipped with two spot welding stations, and also employ traditional welders with MIG and TIG welding experience. In addition, in order to reduce the cost of welding large quantities of orders, robot welding machine can be used to accurately weld long time.

Today, many customers want to outsource more assembly work, so high-quality welding is essential because it is often the basis of more complex units. Therefore, ensure that the welder has the best equipment and experience, and work within the strict tolerance range required by the customer.