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The Advantages And Use Prospect Of Stainless Steel Sheet
Apr 25, 2018

Stainless steel sheet in the construction of China's civil construction, has been used for many years reinforced concrete, the construction period is long, the pollution is large. In recent years, along with masteel, hot-rolled h-beam in lai steel product market promotion of success, the application of the structure in the construction of large diameter square moment, laboratory buildings, example room, all kinds of steel structure building signs launched, the design and construction standards and specifications are also beginning to enter the stage of gradually improve, China's steel industry a step greatly in recent years. But at present, the construction of large diameter of the torque tube structure used is mainly the hot rolled H section steel and welding of steel structure, our country of hot-rolled h-beam production capacity has reached 3 million tons, light h-beam welding and production of various steel structure also has hundreds of thousands of tons, the production of the welded pipe in our country has more than 700 ten thousand tons a year, including construction steel structure with cold bending rectangular pipe and all kinds of cold bending steel production of cold bending steel production is less than 5% of the total. Cold bend section steel used in civil construction steel structure in our country in the initial stage of cold bending square rectangle structure welded pipe instead of hot-rolled h-beam steel structure column is just beginning and other cold bend section steel less applied in the construction industry.

Large diameter allowable deviation in the wall thickness of the moment, when the wall thickness is not more than 10 mm shall not exceed the nominal wall thickness of plus or minus 10%, when the wall thickness is more than 10 mm for the wall thickness of plus or minus 8%, except corners and weld area wall thickness. Big specification cold bending torque tube diameter market space is larger, the steel structure housing reasonable layer number is 10 ~ 18, such high-level structure of cold bending, large diameter also has certain requirements of the specifications of the torque tube. Square steel tube is round steel tube has obvious advantages, the same length and diameter of square, round pipe, square tube of the bearing capacity and better seismic, according to a university in tianjin for three layer two across the square tube and pipe concrete column frame test, the string length 150 mm, the pipe diameter is 150 mm, the test results the yield capacity to resist lateral force and the ultimate bearing capacity was 80% higher than the latter, seismic indicators about twice as much for the latter.

The normal length of the large-caliber square moment tube is 4000mm-12000mm, with a maximum of 6000mm and 12000mm. The large-calibre square moment tube allows delivery of a short and non-fixed scale product not less than 2000mm, and can also be delivered in the form of an interface tube. However, the buyer should remove the interface tube during use. Short feet and non scale products weight not more than 5% of the total amount of delivery, for theoretical weight greater than 20 kg/m a big torque tube diameter shall be no more than 10% of the total amount of delivery, the large diameter of the torque tube bending shall not be greater than 2 mm per metre, total bending shall not be greater than 0.2% of the total length. The large diameter square moment pipe is convenient for construction, and the circular tube concrete column of steel structure housing needs to be further constructed, and the circular section is changed to square type. It is difficult to deal with the connection of beam with circular tube. In the future steel structure market of our country, the rectangular tube of cold bending square will have an important share.

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