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The Difference Between Hot-rolled Plate And Cold Rolled Plate Of Stainless Steel Is Briefly Described
Apr 26, 2018

Hot rolling: cold rolling is a rolling process under the recrystallization temperature, and the hot rolling is the rolling of the recrystallization temperature.

Its features:

1. Poor toughness and surface smoothness, low price;

2. The hot rolling temperature is similar to the forging temperature;

3. The hot plate adopts hot stamping surface with oxidized skin, and the plate thickness is inferior;

4. Due to its production and production process, it has more civil aspects, such as kitchen utensils and household appliances, etc.;

5. Hot rolled steel plate, mechanical performance is far less than cold processing, also inferior to forging processing, but has good toughness and ductility.

Cold rolling: it is rolled out on the base of hot rolled coil. Generally, it is the process of hot rolling, acid washing and cold rolling. Although in the process of processing because rolling will also cause the steel plate to warm up, even though it is called cold rolling. Because hot rolled through continuous cold deformation of cold rolling, poor mechanical performance, hardness too high. It must be annealed to restore its mechanical properties, and there is no anneal called hard roll. Hard rolls are generally used to make products without bending or stretching.

Its features:

1. Cold rolled steel plate has a certain degree of hardening, low toughness and high price;

2. Non-oxidized skin on cold rolling process, good quality;

3. The products with cold deformation are of high precision and good surface quality;

4. Cold rolling is widely used in all kinds of industries, such as cold stamping parts, cold-rolled extruded sections, cold coil springs, cold-drawn wire, cold heading bolts, etc.