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The Operation Technology For The Construction Of The Integrated Pipe Hanger
Apr 29, 2018

1. The synthesis of rows steam-water pipeline installation construction drawing further optimization, according to the root of the number, location, elevation, pipe, good operation and maintenance of pipeline space reserved, to determine the comprehensive support form, size and spacing of installation.

2. When making a comprehensive support hanger, it is necessary to consider the actual diameter of various pipelines and the insulation thickness of the insulation to determine the form and size of the clamp. When necessary, the pressure pipe must be calculated and checked to determine the specifications of various profiles.

3. First, the installation of the pipe after the suspension is integrated: according to the direction of the pipeline and the range elastic line, the installation position of the bracket and the distance between the brackets shall be determined. According to the overall arrangement of the pipeline, the sequence of each function pipeline shall be determined. First, first, then the inside and outside.

4. The connection of all bolts and nuts must be fitted with flat gaskets and spring gaskets to ensure that the pipes are firmly fixed.