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Keyi Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is not only making production for OEM stamping parts and sheet metal parts for machinery, house construction, vehicle parts, dock construction and solar energy sector, but we also have an independent team taking care of sourcing for our clients. Since lots of our customers are in infrastructure, civil engineer and construction business, so they need a local hand to make sure that all the production is strictly controlled and documented. Our sourcing service mainly covers fours areas: sourcing and buying mechanical products, inspection, factory audit and logistic support.


Our sourcing team consists of 8 very experienced production engineers who have been working in production engineering field for over 12 years, and our purchasers also have over 10-year purchasing experience in mechanical industry. Our purchases are very good at cost analysis, and all the quotation is fully analyzed in terms of cost structure and production process before sent to the clients.


Our inspection starts from raw material, pilot run production, mass production to loading, and our team keeps our clients updated about each process, so they can be very sure that production is under strict control and shipment is on time. We can also assist our clients to have the goods to be delivered door to door, so this service will not only make our clients life lot easier but also saving costs for them as our logistic partners are very competitive in their markets. Some of our clients have already started to source from China, but they don’t have any local support, and the shipment quality is not consistent which has made lots of trouble for them. With our hands-on control, our clients can stay focus on marketing and sales rather than struggling with quality issues.


We mainly source and buy cast and forged products like manhole covers, pole line hardware, power transmission parts, solar energy steel parts, aluminum extrusion, steel structures, fasteners like rods, studs, bolts and nuts on behalf of our clients.  Our sourcing team is also very knowledgeable in roll forming, welding, extrusion, threading, heat treatment and various surface treatment like powder coating, hot dip galvanization and zinc plating. Meanwhile we are also collaborating with famous test institutes like TUV, Shanghai Coating Test Institute and Zhejiang Guojian Testing Technology to verify chemical and mechanical property is up to the requirements.


We also have clients who have already started to communicate with local Chinese factories, but they don’t know what’s the reality in the factory in terms of production facility, working condition and environmental issues. To give a full visibility of what’s the factory condition, we also make full factory audit covering quality management system, working condition, pollution control, first aid, salary level and social welfare.