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  • Outdoor Strap Gate Hinge

    Outdoor Strap Gate Hinge

    Outdoor strap hinges are consisted of pin half and strap half, and the pin half is screwed or welded onto frame or post, and the pin half is always upward. The strap half is always welded or screwed onto gate or door, and the bush open is always facing downwards.Read More
  • Lift off Hinge

    Lift off Hinge

    Lift off hinges are mainly used for doors or gates that need to be lifted off and set aside for maintenance or replacement.Read More
  • Weld on Hinge

    Weld on Hinge

    Zinc plated weld on hinges are specifically designed to connect steel gates to steel posts. Weld-on hinges are often used for permanent applications. Weldable hinges have a longer life span than traditional door or gate hinges. Weld on hinges are typically non-obtrusive, and...Read More
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