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Stamping Parts

Our core competence is in sheet metal parts R&D and precision production based upon different metals like carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our products are widely used in machinery, house construction, marina construction, trailers and solar energy industry.
  • High Wind Post Anchors

    High Wind Post Anchors

    High wind post anchors are designed for high wind land covering tropical regions. In particular, the U shape base is engineered for maximum hold down in concrete.Read More
  • Adjustable Post Anchors

    Adjustable Post Anchors

    Adjustable post anchor is engineered to adjust its width and height. Due to this feature, it will facilitate the connection work between timber and deckings.Read More
  • Bolt Down Post Anchors

    Bolt Down Post Anchors

    Bolt down post anchors are designed for fixing wooden beams onto concrete or decks.Read More
  • Heavy Duty Angle Brackets

    Heavy Duty Angle Brackets

    Heavy duty angle brackets are engineered to provide strong support underneath the large timber beam or link joists or rafters. It's designed for providing extra structural stability. Our offered range is available in different patterns, sizes and shapes in line with the...Read More
  • Right Angle Brackets

    Right Angle Brackets

    Right angle brackets are engineered to strengthen timer joists, roof trusses and shelf systems, and it helps in stabilizing structures.Read More
  • Long Angle Brackets

    Long Angle Brackets

    Long angle brackets are specifically designed to provide extra support, and it's a very popular hardware to strengthen shelf systems, heavy joists and big table topsRead More
  • Adjustable Angle Bracket

    Adjustable Angle Bracket

    Adjustable angle brackets are engineered for interior and exterior joinery, and can also be installed in the corner or on the corner for stabilizing structures.Read More
  • Cantilever Bracket

    Cantilever Bracket

    Cantilever bracket is a L shaped cantilever support bracket which is usually assembled with strut channel to provide support function, and it's either hot dip galvanized or powder coated.Read More
  • Post to Beam Bracket

    Post to Beam Bracket

    Post to beam brackets are designed to secure connection between post and beam, and provide stronger than angled nailing or screw fastening. Post to beam bracket reduces the chance of post splitting, and eliminates nailing into end grain, and offers a greater holding power....Read More
  • Strut Angle Fitting

    Strut Angle Fitting

    Strut angle fitting and struct flat plates are very important part of strut bracket category, and they are widely used in pipe support and shelf system.Read More
  • Strut Base Plate

    Strut Base Plate

    Fabmann offers a wide range of base and floor plates: single fix base plate, double fix plate, single channel plate, double channel plate, single gusset base plate, double gusset base plate and adjustable shoe plate.Read More
  • Strut U Fitting

    Strut U Fitting

    Strut U fitting is widely used together with Z fitting, wing fitting to connect strut channels.Read More
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