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Our core competence is in sheet metal parts R&D and precision production based upon different metals like carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our products are widely used in machinery, house construction, marina construction, trailers and solar energy industry.
  • Pipe Saddle Clamp

    Pipe Saddle Clamp

    Pipe saddle clamp is often used for securing pipes for general plumbing purpose, and it can deal with different pipes like PVC pipes and cast iron pipes.Read More
  • Trailer Split Clamp

    Trailer Split Clamp

    Trailer split clamp is specifically engineered to fit jockey wheels and prop stands.Read More
  • Trailer Clamp with Cast Mounting Plate

    Trailer Clamp with Cast Mounting Plate

    Trailer clamp with mounting plate is specifically designed for heavy duty purpose, and it's meant to fit with jockey wheels and prop stands.Read More
  • Female Dock Corner Brackets

    Female Dock Corner Brackets

    Female floating dock corners are manufactured in marina grades, and they are widely used together with male dock hinges for connecting docks.Read More
  • Dock Pipe Bracket

    Dock Pipe Bracket

    Dock pipe bracket is one of the important dock hardware for dock construction purpose, and used mainly for dock stabilizing purpose.Read More
  • Dock Connector Hinge Kit

    Dock Connector Hinge Kit

    Dock connector hinges kit is made of mild steel with hot dip galvanization surface, and widely used in dock construction.Read More
  • Machinery Stand Brace

    Machinery Stand Brace

    Machinery stand braces are made of carbon steel to undertake vertical loading force meanwhile connect upper parts to the lower parts, and often used in textile machinery.Read More
  • Sliding Rail Track

    Sliding Rail Track

    Sliding rail track is a very important mechanical component for textile machinery, and it is the fundamental component for movement. The rail track fabrication involves laser cutting, laser punching and press bending.Read More
  • Sheet Metal Chassis

    Sheet Metal Chassis

    Steel chassis parts are very important components for machinery, and they require very high precision fabrication accuracy covering laser cutting, laser punching, welding and riveting.Read More
  • Perforated Sheet Metal Ventilation Covers

    Perforated Sheet Metal Ventilation Covers

    Perforated sheet metal ventilation covers are widely used electrical appliances, elevators and house construction.Read More
  • Machinery Metal Brackets

    Machinery Metal Brackets

    OEM machinery brackets are widely used machine and fitness equipment, and they are made of various material like aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. The metal brackets normally require press bending, laser cutting and laser punching.Read More
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